Who Can Handle Waste Management Best?

Cleanliness is the best policy for both residential and commercial property owners. That’s exactly why Troupe Waste and Recycling is here in the West Bridgewater, MA area, ensuring every property is safe day in and day out. We offer you peace of mind and ease in handling waste management needs in the best way possible. Running a business is a stressful job. Our garbage associates understand the need for assistance in managing your daily waste and preventing your property from becoming disorganized with unwanted items. We offer a variety of trash bin sizes, and will help you select the one most suitable for your business. We also offer several pickup schedule options to help you manage your waste easily. It is our job to keep your image to your customers as neat and positive as possible. Together, we can grow as a team working to be successful in our respective businesses!

Troupe Waste Recycling West Bridgewater MA

Being in the business for almost 20 years, we’ve seen the South Shore grow into the lovely place it is today. The experts at Troupe Waste and Recycling are dedicated in giving you the most efficient residential waste management services in town. Weekly trash pickup and curbside recycling is one service offered to our residential customers. Providing homeowners with a regular trash bin and a recycling bin, we collect on the scheduled day, once a week. Our single-stream recycling option allows you to use only one bin for all your recyclables.

In addition to residential and commercial trash pickup services, we also offer temporary dumpster rentals. We have 4 different sizes to choose from, so you’ll be sure to get the size that is right for the task at hand.

If you are ready to take off that burden of always worrying about the mountain of trash waiting outside your home or workplace, reach out to us today. You can call us at 781-340-0030 so we can talk about your need for a suitable dumpster. We have roll off containers for commercial, residential, and construction projects that are always available for you.

Troupe Waste and Recycling Commercial Waste Service
Troupe Waste and Recycling West Bridgewater MA

West Bridgewater has a total area of 15.7 square miles, wherein only 2.25% of it is water. For the 1,220 students living and studying here, the city operates its own school system, with the Spring Street School serving kindergarteners, the Rose McDonald School for the first to third grade students, and other schools in the area that cater to the middle school to high school students.

The Wonders of West Bridgewater, MA

War Memorial Park

In the south of the town center lies this wonderful public park in West Bridgewater. It was in 1930 when War Memorial Park was established and constructed with funding provided by the Works Progress Administration. The park became part of the list in the 2008 National Register of Historic Places. The place is open for the public to enjoy its walking trails, benches for resting and relaxing, as well as a nice view of the Town River.

War Memorial Park West Bridgewater Massachusetts
West Bridgewater Public Library Troupe Waste Recycling

West Bridgewater Public Library

The books you see and read in a library are the keys to a good future and offers a look into the past. West Bridgewater Public Library welcomes visitors of all ages who have a passion for reading. Both children and adults will find a trip to the library to be an enjoyable way to pass time.

Hockomock Swamp

The Hockomock Swamp is partially located in West Bridgewater. It is home to a number of rare or endangered species of plants and wildlife. The area is owned and managed by the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, and they provide access to the public through recreational areas. Fishing, boating, and swimming are just a few activities for the public to enjoy. The study of the flora and fauna of the area is permitted and encouraged.

Hockomock Swamp Troupe Waste Recycling