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Looking for the most capable and reliable partner in handling waste management and recycling for your home and business? Then, look no further! We are in this together, as we also aim for cleanliness within the area of our beloved town. By helping you dispose of your trash at home and in the workplace, Troupe Waste and Recycling continues to assist home and business owners in living and working in a safe and clean environment.

Our professionals are committed to providing you with the best residential garbage management services in East Bridgewater, MA area. We’ve been in the industry for almost two decades and are dedicated to keeping the town’s surroundings clean and green. Our services for homeowners include curbside recycling, which gives you a separate trash can and a recycling bin for the proper disposal of each kind of waste you may have. You’ll only need one recycle bin, as our single-stream recycling allows you to mix paper, plastic bottles, and cardboard together. Residential trash pickup occurs on a specific day once a week.

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We are committed to making the town a safe place for families and businesses alike. For that reason, our experts also offer you the best deals for effective commercial waste management services. No business is too small or too large – we have a variety of dumpster sizes to suit the needs of your business. Recycling bins for businesses are also available. Our trash pickup for businesses also offers a number of options, which may include picking up more than once a week. The staff at Troupe Waste and Recycling will happily assist you in selecting the options that work for your business.

For any kind of cleanup project, we offer you a wide selection of dumpster sizes that will surely be enough to take all your trash away from your property. With four different dumpster sizes, we can accommodate homeowners and businesses with our temporary dumpster rental services.

Generally, most businesses require a larger dumpster, the 20-yard or 30-yard, for their clean-out and renovation projects. Homeowners tend to find the smaller dumpsters, the 10-yard and 15-yard, more than enough for remodeling projects, as well as attic, garage, and basement clean-outs. Still have questions? No problem! Our friendly team can answer your questions and help you select the most suitable size.

Troupe Waste and Recycling is the most outstanding residential, commercial, and dumpster rental service in the East Bridgewater area. Ready to experience our one-of-a-kind service? Contact us today at 781-340-0030, and let’s start discussing your cleanup project.

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East Bridgewater: An Excellent Place to Reside

Massachusetts truly boasts many wonderful cities. In fact, East Bridgewater is one of those and is also a part of Massachusetts’ 8th congressional district. The city is represented by Stephen Lynch, and it now has a total population of 14,440 as of the 2020 census.

East Bridgewater used to be “East Parish” in 1723 when it was founded and was part of the Olde Bridgewater. Later on June 14, 1823, the town was separated from Bridgewater to be incorporated. East Bridgewater lies on the northern side of Taunton River. It began with only agriculture as its source of income before it came to be known as a residential area.

With the city’s total land area of 17.5 square miles, only 0.3 square miles is water. There are ponds, woods, and rivers surrounding the town. The largest body of water, however, is Robbins Pond, which can be found on the city’s southeastern side.

As a primarily residential town, East Bridgewater has its share of restaurants and shops, although residents may need to travel a bit of other services. Boston lies to the north of East Bridgewater, and is approximately 27 miles away. While there are no major highways, a number of state routes pass through the town. For those commuting into Boston, the closest MBTA commuter rail stops are in the neighboring cities of Bridgewater and Brockton.

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